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__Background information on the Quality Golf Stats website:

    It is a website of 21st century golf information, programs, equipment, and links to quality
    golf services, programs, and schools worldwide.

    Golfers have a passion to play the game.  The game has evolved to a higher level of
    preparation, conditioning, and tracking of statistics.  Advanced materials are being better
    understood in drivers, irons, and balls to make a difference in a player's game.  Advanced
    technology and sensors provide a new wealth of feedback to improve our swing, how we
    hit the ball, and how driver distance can be optimized.

    The Internet brings our golf community closer together.  Internet golf forums offers an a
    wealth of knowledge sharing and feedback among players with a common passion for the
    game.  The services available to all levels of golfers are unlike what we had  10 years

    Quality Golf Stats celebrates 21st century golf and how it can make a difference in your
    golf game.  The OptimalFlight program transforms launch monitor data into an easy-to-
    understand graphical ball flight picture and helps discover how to get longer drives.  

    I welcome your feedback on how Quality Golf Stats can be better.  Please enjoy it's  
    applications and links to quality golf services and websites.

                  Todd M. Kos