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OptimalFlight makes it easy to  
find out the right amount
of ball spin to optimize
carry, total distance, or
angle of descent.  

Understand launch data
with confidence.  
No PhD degree is required!
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Our featured product is OptimalFlight 2019

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OptimalFlight at the 2009 PGA
SHOW validating Mike Dobbyn's
record 551yd drive for a Tour Event.
Mike Dobbyn (Re/Max 2007 Long
Drive Champion, Todd  (creator of
OptimalFlight), Joe Shuba (Geek Golf).
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OptimalFlight at a Driving Range
with Don Coyle of Country Acres
Custom Golf.

  • Current OptimalFlight Version:   January 16, 2019

  • Lower pricing for unlimited personal use.  Only $9.95 per PC!
    Discover how to optimize your launch metrics from a
    professional fitting session.  Learn the effects of wind, weather
    on your golf shot.  Explore ways you can get more club distance!

  • Supported LM Systems in OptimalFlight RealTime mode:  
  • Foresight Sports GC2 (since March 7, 2012)
  • Accusport Original Vector (since February 22, 2012)
  • Accusport VectorPro and VectorX
  • FlightScope Kudu and X2
  • TrackMan
  • AboutGolf 3Trak
  • GolfTek
  • GolfAchiever II

  • OptimalFlight software recommends and supports ONLY
    launch monitor systems proven to measure actionable quality
    data proven to enhance and expand the skills and services of a
    fitter or golf instruction professional.  Contact me here to qualify
    your LM system for RealTime data support and benefit from
    OptimalFlight feedback.

  • It is the only launch software that gets better and becomes more
    useful every year!  

  • OptimalFlight is launch data ball flight and club gap optimization
    software.  It helps driver fittings be more productive and
    successful.  Golfers see results and their optimization options in
    an easy to understand manner.

  • Most launch monitor systems have tools to do what-if analysis
    on one shot.   OptimalFlight can perform what-if analysis and
    compare optimization results of 4 flights concurrently, which
    makes it easy to understand the effect of increased launch
    angle or lower spin and how it affects distance, or any what-if
    scenario the golfer asks!

    OptimalFlight is breakthrough software at an affordable price.   It
    is the only software proven to match up well with downrange and
    off-target results from TrackMan™ and Flightscope radar
    tracking systems.  
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OptimalFlight Ball Flight Optimization Software
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Microsoft Excel 2002 or later required.
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222 mph Ball Speed!
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likely launch results at Las Vegas
Motor Speedway under actual
Altitude & Weather!
Image credit:  TrackManGolf